The Water Pump
The Bearing
Automotive Water Pumps:
a Background

The Automotive Water Pump was probably not designed to be rebuilt or overhauled. Availability and replaceability cost has become a real factor and it is not uncommon for automotive water pumps to be rebuilt.

When rebuilding a pump, new propriety water pump spindle bearings are used. When deep groove ball bearings are replaced, then only quality new bearings having Normal or C3 internal radial clearance are used.

Propriety mechanical seals are also used. When working surfaces have to be machined, the finish will be N6 or better.

To be able to use commercially available mechanical seals often necessitates some modification i.e. an adapter for the seal. Any modifications carried out cater for the possibility and ease of rebuilding a rebuilt pump in the future. This not only makes the second rebuild much easier but also much cheaper.

All pumps are rebuilt to the exact dimensions of the original and supplied with a new set of gaskets as required..

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